Specializing in Insurance and Bonds for Environmental and Fire Water Restoration Contractors

Exclusions To Watch For

Exclusion - Testing or Consulting Errors and Omissions

This insurance does not apply to "bodily injury", "property damage", or "personal and advertising injury" arising out of:

Exclusion - Professional Liability

The rendering of or failure to render professional services by an insured, including, but not limited to:

Exclusion - Contractual Liability

Any claim arising from any of the following relative to a contract any insured has entered into with a client

Exclusion  -  Cross Suit

Exclusion  - Employee Action-Over

This insurance does not apply to any claim, suit, cost, or expense arising out of "Bodily Injury" to

Exclusion  - Property Damage

Exclusion  - Employees of Independent Contractors

Exclusion  -  Prior Work