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Bonding and Insurance Specialists Agency has been truly innovative in our ability to service our clients quickly, and efficiently.

One of the first and certainly the best, BISA has been providing bid and performance & payment bonds to our customers since Federal and State governments first mandated environmental cleanup programs. Our broad experience has been advanced by years of solving the problems we encountered developing surety programs for environmental contractors. Many of the tools now used by surety companies were first introduced by BISA. Our leadership continues today as we continually fine tune our products and services.

Because of our deep involvement in the industry, we can promise and deliver the most expeditious response of all sureties. While our underwriting looks like a typical surety, our decisions are weighted heavily with common sense. We never burden contractors with mountains of paper work or needless red tape. We underwrite and issue your bonds in-house. Our competitive rates, fast service, and minimal paperwork requirements will make you wonder how you ever managed without us.

Whether you are establishing your first bond line or wanting to compare rates, BISA makes doing so a painless process. There are no charges/fees to establish a bond line, so you can prepare today to bond with the best.

You can expect the following benefits when dealing with BISA for your bonds!

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2. Include Most recent company financial statement (CPA Prepared, In-house, or Audited)
3. Fax (708-598-6686), email, or use our online form below to submit your application and financial statement

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