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Workers Compensation

A Break Through "Voluntary Market"

Traditionally, Environmental and Restoration Contractors as well as Environmental Professionals had only one option when it came to Workers Compensation Insurance, The Assigned Risk Pool (Involuntary Insurance Coverage). This obviously did not create a competitive or service oriented environment.

BISA was a pioneer in bringing together Insurance Companies who wanted to cover these operations, with quality customers who were concerned about reducing losses and controlling their own destiny when it comes to their insurance rates. Loss/Experience related premium discounts, fast high quality service, and industry specific loss control are the flag ships of the program we have helped put together. The industry concentrated experience of Bonding and Insurance Specialists Agency, as well as the In-House Authority, are the added value that BISA brings to the table.

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Find out why Workers Compensation, is just one part of the total Insurance and Bonding Package that BISA can put together for you.

Specializing in all Environmental and Pollution related classes. Including: Asbestos Abatement, Mold Abatement, Lead Abatement, Restoration Contractors, Environmental Contractors and Professionals.

Highlights of our Workers Compensation Program

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